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    South Korean Brides

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      by John Gottman 4 Apr 2022
    •  Updated: 8 May 2024
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    South Korean Brides: Unknown Pearl of the East

    South Korean Brides – photo 1

    While the phenomenon of Asian brides and their popularity in the West keeps growing, not that many gentlemen show interest in South Korean brides for marriage. No wonder — after all, we know so little about this country, and keep treating it as a part of mysterious Asia. South Korea, however, has been under the US protection for decades now, which has resulted in its impressive economic and cultural growth.

    So, if you are looking for some exotics, not exactly a cultural shock, South Korean women may well be your best shot. These gorgeous beauties understand the ways of the West, while subtly combining them with the traditions of the East. By the traditions of the East we, first of all, mean great respect to their families, fathers and husbands in particular. Hot South Korean women are great mothers and excellent homemakers. Well-educated and totally capable of making their own way in the rapidly changing world, these beautiful women still readily take on the traditional female roles and perform them to perfection.

    Wouldn’t it be a marvel to have a wife like that? If you think it would, read on — we’ll tell you more about these Orient beauties, their ways, and the ways to get one for yourself, of course.

    The magic appeal of hot South Korean women

    If you think about sexy South Korean women, you will probably imagine thick black hair, dark eyes and a slim figure. And you will be 100% right! Still, exceptional looks is not the only thing that makes hot South Korean women so appealing. Their good manners, proper education, and natural easygoingness add to the great picture, making sexy South Korean women perfect candidates for marriage.

    If by now you are up and ready to explore the world of South Korean women dating, the first thing to do is to find an agency you can rely on. Let’s agree, it would make little sense to book a trip all over the globe, hoping to just run into an exceptionally beautiful South Korean woman in the streets. So, let’s find out how you can find your potential bride without going into the extremes.

    South Korean mail order brides: the essence of these services

    South Korean mail order brides are real women, and of course, they are not just sent over by mail. This phrase is just a cliche that refers to a whole range of South Korean women dating online and hoping to find a husband overseas. Obviously, there is no such thing as finding South Korean brides for sale — because there is no single legal reason that could explain human trafficking.

    South Korean Brides – photo 2

    So, a mail order brides agency is essentially a dating site that charges you for its services, including communication with your potential bride-to-be. The service does all in its power to facilitate your communication with real ladies, which includes the services of the translator (if necessary) and arranging your trip to South Korea to meet a woman you like (when necessary). The rest depends on the two of you.

    Finding & using South Korean marriage agency: how-to’s

    South Korean Brides – photo 3

    To find the best South Korean brides, you should first find the best dating agency. As we mentioned above, never go for services that promise to sell you a wife — such a statement is not only illegal but foolish because nowhere in the world can you legally buy real people. A couple of other criteria to focus while looking for a reliable mail order brides service would be:

    Customer feedback: If a South Korean brides agency has spent some time in the market, the chances are that many people have used it and have one or two stories to share about it. While most sites publish client testimonials on their front pages these days, we still recommend to dig a little deeper and search for social media feedback and maybe even visit a couple of independent review sites. They should give you a more detailed picture of the service so that you could make a more informed decision whether to join.

    Pricing policy: back in the day, international marriage agencies were fewer, so the pricing policies were monopolized. They would charge you monthly fees on top of registration fees, on top of fees for every perk you’re using. Today, with the ever-growing competition in the marriage market, the situation is more promising for the client. Now, most reputable agencies do NOT charge any registration fees. In fact, most of them do not charge monthly membership fees either. What they do charge you is for the exact services you’re using — chats, letters, sending gifts to your potential bride, etc.

    Suggested means of communication: speaking of chats and letters, any reputable marriage agency will allow its clients to choose how exactly they would love to communicate with their ladies. A standard ‘package’ includes letters, and live chats (with or without sound/video). If your lady does not speak English, both letters and chats should be translated at no additional cost.

    Charming hot South Korean brides: what they want in a man?

    Now that you’ve decided to communicate with South Korean brides online, you may be wondering what these beautiful women are looking for in a man and why they’re looking in the Western direction, in general. Of course, every case is individual, but some cultural insight into the country traditions may give you a couple of useful hints.

    First of all, South Korea may well be one of the most developed and the most well-off countries in Asia, but it is still an Asian country. It means that gender equality as we know it is not always the case. While women enjoy a certain degree of emancipation (which includes excellent education and more or less equal job opportunities), the society still dictates some of its norms, suggesting that hot South Korean brides should first of all be submissive to their husbands. So, most ladies are looking for a bit more respect and attention and turn their gaze to the West.

    This, however, does not mean that a typical South Korean mail order bride will pursue a career when (and if) she moves to the West. While she will definitely consider this opportunity, her traditional upbringing will first make her focus on household duties. This includes not only keeping the house clean and the dinner delicious but also making her husband happy — with a kind word, a gentle touch and other small means of affection that grow ever less common in the West.

    When the kids arrive, she will most likely put her heart and soul into their upbringing, forgetting about moneymaking (if she is given the opportunity, of course). So, it is up to you to provide her with this opportunity and take on the traditionally male part, just like she takes on a traditionally female one. If you do, your children will not only be loved and taken care of; they will also be brought up in the traditions of the country they grow up in — with just a gentle touch of the East.

    As you chat to your potential South Korean mail order bride, show her the respect she deserves and be honest in your intentions — especially when it comes to having children. While South Korea, just like most Asian countries, is not overly fond of a direct ‘no,’ it is still a good idea to tell your lady you are not considering kids. Yes, it will most likely put her off, but if it does not, it will be her decision. At the very least, your relationship will start on an open and honest note, which is always a plus.

    Another means of charming a beautiful South Korean woman is sending her a small gift now and them. A typical South Korean brides agency will usually have this option. If you choose to use it, don’t go overboard (not that most reliable dating sites allow you to). Most likely, you will have a choice between flowers, candy, and perfume.

    If you decide to meet in person, we suggest you find out as much as you can about your lady. By the time you meet, you will know more about the flowers she loves, and the candy she prefers, so your choice will no longer be limited by the selection of the marriage agency you choose. Then again, after the time you’ve spent chatting online, you’ll already have established enough contact to get you going.

    Using South Korean brides agency: the takeaway

    South Korean Brides – photo 4

    All in all, employing the services of a reputable marriage agency can take you a long way. Not only will the service match you with a perfect bride and help you overcome language and cultural barriers, but it should also help you plan and arrange your trip should you decide to meet some beautiful South Korean woman in person. If you truly take your time searching for a reputable South Korean brides agency, your money and your heart will stay safe. As for the rest — your fate is in your hands!

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