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    Malaysian Brides

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      by Aaron Clarey 4 Apr 2022
    •  Updated: 10 Apr 2024
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    Malaysian brides: Southeast Asia at its finest

    Malaysian Brides – photo 1

    Stories of men who were lucky enough to have a Malaysian beauty enter their lives are all over the internet. It suffices to type in words like “Malaysian mail order brides” in any search engine, and an almost unbelievable number of gorgeous Southeast Asian women will be within your reach. Some sites will offer you to browse through their catalogs of Malaysian girls looking for foreign husbands before you even register as a user. Others will only provide a description of the women’s personality and preferences while you would be required to pay a registration fee to look at their photos. We’ll leave it up to you to choose the option that suits you best. In this article, we’ll give you a crash course in international dating, detailing its up- and downsides, and possible pitfalls to avoid. We’ll also explain what drives a beautiful Malaysian woman to look for a husband abroad and what expectations you might need to fulfill.

    Why Western men look for brides in Asia

    Today’s world has seen a dramatic increase of interracial marriages which are becoming quite common and accepted. Therefore, it’s no longer unusual to marry someone of an entirely different background than one’s own. On the contrary, the more distant a bride’s homeland is, the more exotic and appealing she is considered to be. A woman raised in a country where money still hasn’t corrupted the youth so much that they value it more highly than any other thing is quite a blessing. In contrast to Western model-like young ladies with superficial charm, a Malaysian mail order bride will always have more meaningful things on her mind than clothes and make-up.

    Even if she moves halfway across the globe to marry an American man she will not forget what really matters in life. Traditional values are so deeply embedded in her personality that she will never fall victim to the latest superficial trends of fashion or a self-centered way of life. She is taught to have strong family values and to respect her husband. To demand this from a modern Western woman would spell doom since she will immediately see you as a sexist trying to rob her of her freedom and autonomy. Hot Malaysian women do not consider it their life’s goal to become self-sufficient. They are much more eager to create a bond with a reliable man who would be the principal breadwinner of the family while they take care of the children and household. An increasing number of Western men find this attractive and seek out brides of Malaysian origin.

    Expectations Malaysian brides have for their husbands

    Malaysian Brides – photo 2

    If you became attracted to hot Malaysian brides by how we described them, you might be worried whether or not you can meet their expectations. We can set your mind at ease immediately – what a Malaysian lady expects from her husband are, in essence, all those things that Western women take for granted. It includes respect, common decency, and a bit of affection. Believe it or not, these things are not guaranteed in the “Third world.” Women are not given equal liberties as men, they earn less even if they work just as hard, and domestic violence is still often overlooked by law enforcement. Women are prohibited from behaving freely and forced to accept strict rules of conduct.

    When they marry abroad, Malaysian women can finally breathe a sigh of relief. They no longer risk punishment for the slightest aberration from cultural norms or the smallest breach of discipline imposed by their husbands or fathers. Reading this, you surely realize that you’re nothing like those men from whom Malaysian girls try to escape. They don’t require that you were their knight in shining armor. Just being your regular self will do the trick.

    Can a Malaysian bride adapt to our way of life?

    First of all, many Malaysian brides for marriage come from big cities like Kuala Lumpur which is a vibrant metropolis of 1.7 million people. Such a vast community is a unique blend of new and traditional, with its inhabitants getting exposed to Western input on a regular basis. The Internet is widely available in all urban areas of Malaysia which makes Malaysian women dating foreign men fully aware of the culture they faced. Furthermore, when a change involves moving up the social ladder or moving from a repressive society to a more liberal one, adaptation is not that hard. Getting used to living well and being treated with respect is not so hard to do, is it?

    Overcoming language barriers

    Although Malay is the official language in this country, English is the second language spoken by most people with at least some formal education. Even if only a six-year primary school is compulsory in Malaysia, the best Malaysian brides have at least a high-school education which gives them a solid command of English. In case your bride comes from a rural area where she’s had less opportunity to receive formal instruction, you’ll probably require the services of a professional translator in the beginning. Later on, she’ll put in an effort into learning the language, and communication will no longer be a problem.

    Basic facts about Malaysia

    To fully understand Malaysian ladies you meet online, we’ll give you some essential information about their country, its culture, and its customs. Malaysia is a multinational and multiconfessional society. 2/3 of the population identify as Muslim with the rest practicing Buddhism, Christianity or Hinduism. The majority belongs to the Malay nation, while the minorities include Thai, Khmer, and some indigenous tribes. 70% of the population lives in cities and urban areas. Malay culture, as well as cuisine,  has been under strong Indian, Chinese, Persian, Arabic and British influences for a long time. This has resulted in multicultural mixtures in art, literature and even food preparation.

    The peculiarities of Malaysian history, both ancient and contemporary, have created a specific environment in which sexy Malaysian women are born and raised. To a certain extent, this determines their outlook on life and makes them open to new experiences with different people. Being quite used to coming in contact with persons practicing a different religion or speaking another language predisposes them to adapt to new circumstances quickly, including a marriage with a foreigner.

    How are Malaysian brides different from those in the West

    Malaysian Brides – photo 3

    To begin with, let’s say that women all over the world have more things in common than differences. Like most women, single Malaysian ladies also wish to marry and start a family with a stable and trustworthy person for whom they care deeply. A variation of the “white-picket-fence” fantasy is present in almost every culture. Imagining a cozy home with a loving husband and a pitter-patter of little feet running around the house is quite standard everywhere.

    Malaysian brides online merely happen to have a more traditional family in mind then their Western counterparts. They hope to find a man who will indeed be the head of the family, whom they will support in his decisions and follow his lead in life. Their expectations of wealth and financial prosperity are not as big as those of American women. Being used to surviving with just a tiny portion of what a Western family spends daily, they will make the most of what they have and never lack anything. You’ll be surprised at the delicious meals they can prepare with a minimal amount of money. Eating a tasty home-made meal doesn’t have to cost a fortune when it’s prepared by your lovely Malaysian wife.

    To an outsider, a Malaysian wife could seem overly shy or timid. That’s not necessarily true. In reality, there are just as many extroverted Malay girls as there are introverted ones. They are just taught not to be obtrusive or aggressive, so they might come across as reserved. They would never dominate a conversation or impose their views on anyone. This behavior is typical for the traditional female role in the Malaysian society.

    Coming in contact with Malaysian women via the internet

    Contracting the services of a Malaysian brides agency will give you an opportunity to choose from a variety of Malaysian girls’ profiles and decide which one you like best. We recommend you enter as many search criteria in the search tool of their service’s website as you can. Thus, you can refine your search and filter out women who do not match your requirements. Just think the sheer amount of time you can save when you don’t need to go on dozens of pointless first dates with women with whom you have very little in common. Contacting only those who seem right for you on multiple grounds will give you a real chance to find a soul mate.

    Just remember that there’s no way to find Malaysian brides for sale and that even though the dating begins online, it still has to be legal. What this means is that all the girls you communicate with have to be over 18 and consenting to a relationship with a foreigner. We advise you always to make your intentions known, whether you only intend to have a few hot dates with an exotic beauty or plan a long-term relationship.

    Of course, whenever you do anything online, be very careful not to share your credit card information on an insecure server and to take the usual precautions. Eradicating fraud from international dating is still far from being achieved so you may come across people posing as prospective brides and only being after your money. Don’t let this nuisance discourage you from trying to find your perfect Malaysian bride. She is out there, waiting for your message or video call. Don’t keep her waiting too long!

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