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Why men lose their hearts to Baltic brides?

What do you think of when you hear about the Baltic? Most gentlemen will have few associations with this region. Some might recall that about thirty years ago, this region was a part of the USSR; others will just vaguely imagine a far-off European state. And, only a lucky few will think of delicately seductive Baltic brides for marriage — true gems of this Northern region.

We, however, would like to change this situation for the better and tell you a little more about hot Baltic brides. So, if your online dating experience never took you in this direction, it may be the best time to consider this relatively unexplored destination.

Who are Baltic mail order brides?

Even though more countries have borders across the Baltic shoreline, three states collectively are referred to as Baltic states: Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia. So, women from these countries are also collectively referred to as Baltic mail order brides.

Now, about the whole mail order brides term. Obviously, you should understand that no one can literally send you a real person by mail. Neither can you pay for a bride, so ‘baltic brides for sale’ is also nothing more than a cliche phrase in the online dating world.

The only thing you’ll be buying is your means of communication with a prospective match. In a nutshell, single and eligible women from Baltic countries register with an international dating platform. Gentlemen who want to communicate with these ladies over the site will have to either buy credits to pay for letters and live chats; or, pay for these letters and chats directly. Of course, most international dating sites will offer their users more paid services, but we’ll get to those later in this article.

The takeaway here is that you do not literally mail-order or buy a bride. You pay the site’s fees for communication with these ladies — nothing else.

What makes Baltic brides for marriage so special?

When thinking of Northern women, most men would imagine a tall blonde beauty with blue eyes. However, not all Baltic women have this Viking Queen look. Over the years, people in the Baltic region had their genes heavily mixed up with Western and Southern Europe, and during the Soviet rule, this mixture embraced more genes from the East. So, you will easily find astonishing looking brunettes and red-heads as well.

Still, most men understand all too well that looks aren’t everything, and a wife should be more than just good-looking. The good news is that a typical Baltic mail order bride will be not only beautiful but also smart. Among some of the positive aspects of former USSR rule, one should definitely mention education system, easily available to the masses. So, most women here have a degree and hold important jobs.

At the same time, it’s not common to prioritize careers over families. Some of the best Baltic brides will usually try to combine the two, and most will succeed. A few will choose to run the household rather than have a job — of course, if she is given an opportunity not to work. Living standards in the Baltic region are quite high, and the economy is developing rapidly, so chances are — your bride will be used to proper living conditions she will not readily compromise. Should your future wife combine homemaking and a full-time career, we’d recommend to encourage her by all means and offer a helping hand with the household chores — your effort will be noticed, appreciated and generously rewarded.

As for the children, it’s not common to have more than a couple of kids in this region. Neither do extended families keep too close — so you won’t have to trouble yourself with never-ending family visits.

Finally, most Baltic women dating take their relationships with all seriousness — no matter if you date online or offline. Of course, girls are not supposed to marry virgins, but high moral and ethical standards discourage them from having more than one partner at a time or changing partners too quickly. So, should you draw the attention of a beautiful Baltic woman, you can stay almost confident that you’re the only man she is flirting with at this stage of her life. And, of course, you can count on the same attitude after you’re married.

How to choose Baltic brides agency that works?

Before you even start looking for a Baltic brides agency, let’s quickly sum up the benefits of joining one. After all, too many gentlemen mistakenly believe that they’re not supposed to pay the agency’s fees for something they can find for free. As a reasonable person, however, you should understand that hitting on people via social media is not the best idea. For starters, you never know if the profiles you’re looking at are fake or real. Even if they are real, no one can guarantee that the girl you’re contacting will want to talk to you; and then again — if she does, she may not be interested in finding a fiancee.

A situation with the free dating apps is not much better. Even though people register on such sites with the purpose to date, the administration is not too careful about verifying the users’ identities (if it does verify them at all). So, you cannot be 100% certain who you’re chatting with and what this person’s intentions are.


With a reputable international dating site, however, you get:

  • 100% verified user profiles
  • Free translator’s services if the language barrier becomes an issue
  • Carefully taken professional pictures to make the girls presentable
  • Affordable and transparent pricing policies
  • Full compliance with international laws and legal procedures
  • Help in booking and planning a trip, if necessary
  • Help with getting married and getting your bride (or yourself) a marriage visa

All of the above features are must-have for any reliable international marriage site — so you already have some criteria to focus on while choosing a reliable Baltic brides agency. Also, keep a couple of other pointers in mind:

  1. A reliable service will offer a preview of its ‘goods,’ so you’ll be able to browse through the girls’ profiles before your register.
  2. Registration and membership fees are no longer common. These days, you’re supposed to pay the cost of the exact services that you’re using.
  3. The range of services should not go down to communication only. Apart from paying the price for every sent letter and every minute of live chat (with or without video), you should be able to buy gifts via the website. These gifts are delivered to your lady via the agency’s local division and usually are either flowers and candy or perfume and jewelry.
  4. The pictures may be professional, but the girls have to look real. So, the quality should be high, and the setting — impressive, but girls should not be photoshopped too heavily.
  5. A website should have at least a couple of years in the market and should feature some positive reviews and real-life stories of couples that got together via this platform. You can find those on social media or independent review sites.  The latter ones can also be quite helpful in choosing a service you can rely on.

DOs and DON’Ts of online dating


  • Research some info about your lady’s country and show interest in her culture.
  • Talk to several Baltic brides online before you find one (or several ladies) to focus on.
  • When you find someone special, court the lady regularly —make sure to drop her a line every day.
  • Send an occasional gift via the website — it won’t cost much, but any beautiful Baltic woman will appreciate the gesture.
  • Talk honestly about your intentions — that includes how serious you plan to get, what you expect from a wife, how many children (if any) you want to have, etc.
  • Pay the lady you like a visit one day— after all, nothing screams “I’m serious!” louder than booking a flight. But, of course, by that point, you should be genuinely interested in someone; otherwise, it would not make any sense.


  • Send the ladies money under any excuse  — remember, no one is 100% protected from fraud.
  • Ask about the USSR history — most hot Baltic women have a vague idea of the last century’s events; plus, people from the Baltic region would rather forget about this period.
  • Make offensive jokes — mind that you’re talking to the ladies.
  • Take the cultural gap off the counts — traditions differ, and if you do not understand something, ask straight away. Also, don’t be surprised if sexy Baltic women lack understanding in areas that seem self-explanatory to you.
  • Lose patience — remember, finding a bride takes time, and in some cases, online dating is not that different from the traditional one. Sooner or later, the right match will turn around!

The summary of your odds and risks

All in all, online dating offers plenty of opportunities; and, even though no one is 100% safe from scammers, consulting a reputable Baltic brides agency should limit the chance of such misfortune to a possible minimum. With a legitimate site, the only thing you’re truly risking is your time — after all, even the largest selection of Baltic brides online cannot guarantee that you’ll meet someone you’ll truly care about. But it does give hope to all single men out there, so do not be afraid to try your luck!

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