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Ghana mail order brides: Unveil the exotics

When we think about the mail order brides phenomenon, there are two primary reasons why a single gentleman may get interested. He may be a fan of the exotic and would like to welcome a beautiful woman from an entirely different culture into his life. Then, he is most likely to turn his eyes to China, The Philippines, or another Asian country. Alternatively, he simply cannot find a worthy match in his immediate environment but is not particularly keen on the exotic. In this case, he will probably look for a mail order bride from Central or Eastern Europe. In both cases, gentlemen often overlook the entire continent of Africa, which is undeserved.

Many of us tend to associate Africa with all sorts of unpleasant things that we see in the news: wars, disease outbreaks, droughts and famine, etc. We seldom stop to think that there must also be pleasant and enjoyable things in Africa – such as the picturesque seaside resorts with wonderful weather, the exciting historical sites with stories of old to behold, the big cities with vibrant nightlife, and, of course, the gorgeous African women.

With that said, it’s true that some regions of Africa are less fortunate than the others. To be on the safe side, be advised to pick a country that doesn’t have unpleasant associations attached to its name. Thankfully, there are countries like the Republic of Ghana that enjoy one of the best economic growth rates in the world and who can boast remarkably peaceful recent history – not only in the context of Africa.

Now, the exciting part – let’s talk about hot Ghana women.

The essential characteristics of Ghana women

What most of us know about African women is probably limited to what we’ve read in the National Geographic magazine or seen on the Discovery Channel. We may be impressed by their powerful statures, but as for what kind of wives they make – that is left for us to imagine or assume based on scarce evidence. We might assume that they have to adhere to rudimentary traditions of arranged marriages at a young age, that they grow old very fast from hard labor and severe living conditions, that they are deprived of decent education, etc. While things like that do occur, such stereotypes overall are dramatically outdated. Ghanaians, for example, are no strange to brilliant education: thousands of men and women regularly go to their former metropoly England and study at the best schools there. The most famous Ghanaian intellectual is Kofi Annan, the former UN Secretary General and Nobel Peace Prize winner.

As for women, history knows names like Yaa Asantewaa who led the fierce Ashanti rebellion against the English colonial rule at the beginning of the 20th century. Among other names are the women of Ghanaian origin like Breffu and Nanny who led slave uprisings in West India back in the 18th century. Drawing a parallel, we are left to assume that Ghana women are strong-willed creatures who won’t be bossed around (which echoes the very meaning of the word ‘Ghana’ – ‘warrior king’). Even though Ghana is inhabited by several ethnic groups, this characteristic is true for all Ghana women, even those living in the predominantly Islamic northern regions.

As you can see, the peoples of Ghana have never experienced patriarchal domination (like our Western societies) other than the colonial rule. With that said, however, Ghana women are exceptionally devoted mothers. They see raising children in incredible love and care as their sacred duty that they simply won’t trust it to anybody else. For generations, Ghana women took pride in taking the best of care of large families with many children. Even though the tradition of having such a family is slowly waning, it’s safe to assume that hot Ghana brides you meet have grown up in families with many siblings where girls had to take care of their younger ones. For gentlemen interested in Ghana mail order brides, it means that these girls will be able to take the best of care of any number of children you may desire, without neglecting anyone or spreading their love thinly.

Childrearing is indeed the first essential duty of a wife, according to Ghana women. It does not, however, exclude other household duties like cooking. One might assume that local cuisine is quite specific, not to everybody’s taste, and local women are helpless in a different environment with a different choice of food products available. This is not the case with sexy Ghana women. Their mothers and grandmothers teach them to be resourceful and to be able to cook a variety of delicacies from whatever ingredients they lay their hands on!

As for taking care of the house, you will also have nothing to worry about. The thing is that the Ghanaians are still quite superstitious, especially by our standards. For one, it means that a cleanly, well-organized, and well-decorated house attracts prosperity. As such, your Ghana mail order bride will eagerly put in all her effort to make the house just that for the family to prosper.

With that said, you will hardly find sexy Ghana women willingly locking themselves in the kitchen and contriving themselves to the exclusive role of a housewife. Their natural curiosity motivates them to pursue education and, consequently, apply their gained knowledge at a variety of spectacular careers. Ghana women are intelligent, cultivated, and worldly. However, being a housewife is no worse a career than any other, so if she commits to that, she commits to her family entirely and without exception.

Why Ghana women become mail order brides?

You might have thought that women from all over Africa are desperate to marry a wealthy (by their humble standards) foreigner who will ride like a knight in shiny armor into her miserable life and take her away from her slums and into a life of prosperity. This might be true for some of the less fortunate regions of Africa (as well as the rest of the world), but, once again, this is not the case with Ghana. Decades of peace and democracy have rewarded the country with rapid and sustainable economic and social progress (for example, they are one of the only African nations to have their very own brand of cars – Kantanka). As such, a beautiful Ghana woman, too, is no Cinderella waiting for her Prince Charming.

We have already mentioned the strong will characteristic of Ghanaian ladies. As such, they like to take matters into their own hands and forge their family happiness themselves. In this case, it means that whenever they cannot find a suitable match in their hometown or country, they don’t hesitate to take the next logical step and take their search online. In this regard, they are probably not that different from you.

Another trait that often goes hand in hand with a strong will is the adventurous spirit. The desire to see more of the world and to meet a nice gentleman from a different culture is yet another reason for Ghana women dating foreigners. Once again, you may have similar reasons for being interested in Ghana mail order brides.

Where to find the best Ghana brides?

It may seem like the answer is apparent – catch the next plane to Accra, hit the town, and try your luck there. As admirable as the adventurous spirit is in a man, such an approach to finding a lifetime companion is downright reckless. It is much wiser to hold your horses and meet Ghana brides online instead. You can try and look for them on Facebook or Tinder, but there is a way better option. There are places on the Internet that specifically gather interested gentlemen and sexy Ghana brides. It is true that using a dating website run by a Ghana brides agency will cost you some money, but the pricing is quite reasonable considering the undeniable benefits:

  • You will be connected specifically with Ghana brides for marriage, i.e., women looking to marry a gentleman like you. This way, you won’t have to waste your time on someone uninterested, and it will minimize the chances of embarrassment or disappointment.
  • You’ll have a chance to choose from a vast database of eligible brides to choose and narrow down your search to specifically your type, choosing the best Ghana brides for you.
  • Even with that variety, you can rest assured that all the profiles are genuine and all the Ghana women behind these profiles have no other goals in mind than marrying and creating a family. The Ghana brides agency screens these women to make sure of that.
  • There are no registration or membership fees. You only pay for the features you order: letters, chats, video calls, etc.
  • English is a state language in Ghana, but it’s still a second language for hot Ghana brides. So, while they are fluent in it, there is still some room for misunderstanding. To handle that, a translator will always be at your service.
  • If you want to surprise your beautiful Ghana woman (from chocolates or flowers to perfume or jewelry) with a small token of appreciation, you can order it delivered to her directly through the website, without having to rely on postal services.
  • When you decide to travel to Ghana to meet your lucky bride-to-be in person, you can trust your Ghana brides agency to get you the best deal on transportation, lodging, and even tour guide services.
  • When you pop the question, and your beautiful Ghana woman says yes, your Ghana brides agency will be there to clarify all the legal details to you or even take care of the necessary paperwork.

How to win over a beautiful Ghana woman?

By now, you must have already got the idea that sexy Ghana women are active and strong-willed persons who know what they want in life. So, you’ll be expected to treat them accordingly. Namely:

  • Small presents are appreciated, but it doesn’t mean that there are Ghana brides for sale (in fact, this term is best never used at all because Ghana, like many other African countries, has a history with slave trade).
  • If you go out, you can expect to split the bill, but it will be very much appreciated if you don’t.
  • Present yourself as an ideal potential husband: look sharp and talk about your strong sides.
  • The same applies when she takes you to her home to meet her family. She values their opinion, so it’s imperative to impress them as well.
  • That said, keep it real and don’t exaggerate the truth. Ghana women can sense a lie from a mile away, and lies are something they can’t stand.

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