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Chechen Brides and the Highland Mysteries They Hide


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Too many single gentlemen who get disappointed in their immediate environment and the results of female emancipation in the West start looking for a wife abroad. No wonder that most of them are interested in someone who could share their traditional values, so they gaze in far-off destinations where women remain gentle and feminine, and men act as breadwinners and heads of the households. Chechnya is one of such destinations, and Chechen brides for marriage are your best shot at a happily ever after.

Chechen brides: who they are and where they come from

You may remember horrifying stories about Russia’s war in Chechnya that eventually led to the creation of the Chechen Democratic Republic, one of the federative regions of Russia. If you don’t, we won’t dig into the political turmoil of the past and just focus on the basics. Today, Chechnya is a small district in Russia that enjoys a great share of independence and carefully preserves the highland traditions of the North Caucasus. While the republic neighbors with Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan, it has a set of unique cultural and genetic traits — traits we’ll discuss in more detail below.

First of all, Chechens are Muslims, but all through their long and proud history, women in this region enjoyed a greater degree of liberty than most ladies in Islamic countries. They never had to cover their faces, and even though modesty has always been considered a virtue, Chechens never locked up or under-appreciated their women. Historically, best Chechen brides took care of the household and, one might say, played a second part in a family union, but blind obedience was out of the question.

What does this short historical insight tell you, as an eligible bachelor? In a nutshell, it shows that a beautiful Chechen woman will be your reliable partner and will not shy away from playing a supporting part rather than a major one. But let’s dig a little deeper into other advantages of marrying Chechen mail order brides.

What makes Chechen women amazing wives?

Several important factors make Chechen women excellent wives. In particular:

  • Fidelity. Even though Chechen women always enjoyed a greater degree of liberty than most of their Islamic peers, infidelity had always been a taboo. It’s true up till the present day, and a marriage union is supposed to be ‘for life.’ Even today, the divorce rate in Chechnya is very low, and the very fact of getting divorced is being frowned upon.
  • Homemaking. All through their history, Chechen had a very clear division of labor in the family. Women did not do any hard work in fields, but they were the only responsible ones when it came to keeping the house. This tradition is still alive — in a way, of course. Chechen girls are not just loyal and pretty; they are also great homemakers who do not shy away from any household chores — even when having a full-time or a part-time job.
  • Cooking. Cooking is also a part of homemaking, but in the case of Chechen brides, it deserves another mention. Their cuisine is delicious and incredibly nutritious; the meat delicacies are especially astonishing, and if we would have to describe your future meals in a few words, we’d say: ‘mouth-watering spicy, but not too hot.’
  • Child-rearing. Children play a huge part in Chechen culture, and women take their education and rearing most seriously. Since the early age, the kids are taught responsibility for their actions and are given ‘assignments’ they can handle. With a woman like this, your sons and daughters will be as well-behaved as they are independent.
  • Beauty. Like most highland nations, Chechens have great health and astonishing looks. These women are fit and strong and have a proud Orient-like beauty to them. Mostly brunettes with olive skin and slanting eyes, Chechen brides can capture any man’s heart.
  • Kind temper. Most of these women are kind and forgiving, and would not even think about getting into a fight — especially, not in public. At the same time, they may come off slightly aloof, as it is not a custom to show affection in public. Loving, yet modestly reserved — isn’t this a dream come true?
  • Respect to elders. Finally, Chechen women are polite and respectful, especially to elders. Plus, Chechen culture advocates great respect for the wife’s mother-in-law, who is, essentially, the chief woman in a household. So, if you’ve been worrying about how your family may welcome a bride from a far-away country, no need to worry. Your match, should you choose one, will steal their hearts away with her kind soul and good manners.

By now, you may have a reasonable question as to why such amazing and good-tempered women would want to leave their homeland and marry aboard? The first and the most obvious guess would be their country’s economic instability, and in some cases, it would be true. However, you should not see hot Chechen brides as cold-hearted gold-diggers — this is hardly ever the case. Still, it is a natural desire of any women to enjoy a safe and bountiful home, and no one can blame them for that.

Another reason why these amazing women choose to try their luck abroad is their adventurous spirit. After all, even more or less liberating traditions sooner or later become stiffening, and it’s no wonder that girls from Chechnya want to experience something new and exciting. And, let’s be completely honest — who would not want to have a wife like that? But, any reasonable gentleman understands that a great wife would want a great husband, so let’s find out what hot Chechen women expect from their life partners.

What do Chechen brides expect from a groom?

  • Respect to everyone around him. Men should be as respectful to his peers and elders as women. And, of course, a good man respects his wife. Physical abuse was never a part of Chechen family traditions, so this woman will take nothing but a loving and respectful attitude from her groom.  
  • Laconic speech. The best groom for sexy Chechen women is a man of few words. Not too many women love chatterboxes, but in this culture, such behavior is unacceptable. The best husband should be a man of action, and men of action do not talk to the winds.
  • Unhurried manners. Once again, a man does not rush into serious decisions — just like he never talks without thinking. While all women love an adventure, Chechen brides appreciate thoughtful and reserved manners and would often shy away from men with hot tempers.
  • Emotional stability. Since a man is the head of the household, he should be able to do his job with dignity. Of course, your Chechen wife will be a great partner in times of trouble (should the times of trouble occur), but in non-extreme situations, a man should be the one in charge.
  • Nonjudgmental attitude. Once again, differently from most of their Islamic peers, Chechens can boast a very non-judgmental attitude to people around them. These people are not fanatics, and they do not hurry to judge people for things do or do not do. This is what your future wife will be like, and this is what she will expect from you.

How do you meet brides from Chechnya?

Now, the last and the most important question — how do you meet these amazing women? Of course, it would be irrational to book a flight to Grozny, knowing so little about the republic and its traditions. So, the safest way would be to consult a Chechen brides agency and have them help you out. The only trick is finding a fully reliable and legitimate service you can trust. There is more than one international marriage agency online, and most of them are well-intended. A few, however, are not, so let’s quickly enumerate the main features of a service you can trust.

Main features of a reliable Chechen brides agency

  • 100% authentic women profiles. You’d want to meet real Chechen women dating, not Victoria’s Secret models. So, profiles should be realistic. However, as you look through the girls’ photos, remember that a professional agency often supplies the ladies with a professional photographer, so the pictures you see should still be made professionally.
  • No registration fees. After you take a look at the selection of Chechen brides online (which, by the way, you should do free of charge), you can take a look at the registration policies. Once again, just registering should not cost you a dime. A reputable agency will only charge you once you start communicating with the ladies — and it should only charge you for the services (letters, chats, etc.) you use.
  • A clear and transparent pricing policy. The above services should be clearly described, so you should be able to see how much you’re spending. Sometimes, ‘spending’ comes in the form of credits you buy in advance and then use on letters and live chats. A monthly membership fee is an outdated concept, so don’t go for that.
  • Full adherence to international laws and legal procedures. Even though Chechens have a fun wedding tradition of ‘stealing’ a bride and asking the groom for a ransom, there is really no such thing as ‘Chechen brides for sale.’ You may, on occasion, come across such a phrase, but in practice, it is nothing but professional slang. A reputable agency follows international legal norms and procedures, and since human trafficking is illegal, there is no way you could literally buy a bride. If you want to check the site’s legal policies, you should be able to find them on Terms and Conditions page.
  • Adequate support all through the dating process. Should you experience any difficulties with site navigation or have any doubts about the girls’ intentions, don’t hesitate to contact the support. And, of course, you should count on the website’s help when you decide to meet your beautiful Chechen woman in person. The agency should help you book a flight and hotel, provide a guide and translator, arrange your meeting with a special lady, etc.

With all of this info in mind, you’re ready to choose a truly reliable agency and charm some hot women online. So, go meet that special Chechen mail order bride — who knows? Maybe this far-away country will bring you a wife you deserve!