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How Lithuanian brides captivate the hearts of men

What can one expect from a regular gentleman to know about Lithuania? Probably not much. If you know anybody who is at least partially of Lithuanian descent, then you might know a thing or two about Lithuania’s glorious past and how hard this nation fought to break free from the Soviet rule. You may have also got a glimpse at the bizarre Lithuanian folklore or tasted some of their cuisine’s delicacies. Lithuanian brides for marriage, however, rarely come to mind. This is not only because the nation is fairly small, but also because culturally, Lithuania is not exotic enough to capture the attention of those who favor exotics, and not familiar enough for the rest.

Today, we are here to fix this and give you a glimpse at hot Lithuanian brides and their seductive ways. We are going to explore the factors that make these ladies such enviable brides and flawless wives. Finally, we will share some advice on how you can meet Lithuanian brides online and win them over without embarrassing yourself.

Lithuanian mail order brides: Explaining the terminology

First of all, a quite self-explanatory disclaimer is necessary. When you see terms like “Lithuanian mail order brides” or “Lithuanian brides for sale,” it’s not to understand that you get charged for getting a beautiful Lithuanian woman neatly packed for you and delivered to your threshold. As we all know, the latter is known under a different term – “human trafficking” – and is illegal in every country of the world, regardless of any conceivable cultural differences. What you do get for your money’s worth is professional service that will facilitate your communication with hot Lithuanian women. We’ll get back to that and discuss it in more detail further on. Right now, let’s see why a single gentleman should be interested in Lithuanian women dating in the first place.

The unique traits of hot Lithuanian women

Geographically, Lithuania is located in the lowlands with the land mostly covered in forests and bogs. These lands used to be next to impenetrable, and this is the primary reason why Lithuania had remained isolated for a longer time than its neighboring lands, being the last nation in Europe to accept Christianity as the dominating religion. Because Christianity is so “young” here, Lithuania has managed to retain a connection with its pagan past in the form of not only fascinating folklore stories to scare children but also persistent customs and traditions that are preserved here better than anywhere else in Europe. Even the Lithuanian language bears striking resemblance to proto-Indo-European.

Lithuanian women, too, have managed to preserve those traits that are typically labeled as “European.” It feels like all those stereotypes you have heard about Scandinavian women are, in fact, about their Lithuanian counterparts. This country has arguably the biggest percentage of fair-haired and blue-eyed genes. They are tall, too, with basketball being the favorite national sports. These beauties look like they belong aboard a Viking rowboat with their flawless blonde hair waving in the salty wind to the sound of Richard Wagner’s music.

One might even suspect that sexy Lithuanian women dabble in the dark arts and use some love spells they may have learned from their pagan great-grandmothers. This is only partially true: these women do know how to be one with nature and how to keep their bodies fit and attractive through natural means. As such, they don’t need any love potions or spells to captivate a man’s heart.

However, every seasoned gentleman knows that looks can be deceiving. In this case, behind the image of a fierce warrior goddess from Norse myths hides an apt homemaker with a gentle soul and an intelligent mind. Let’s take a closer look at the latter three traits.

As we have mentioned, Lithuanians have traditionally been to a large extent secluded. As such, for a home to survive, a housewife was expected to master all the skills relevant to running the house 100% independently, down to the most minute ones. This sacred knowledge is passed on through generations of the best Lithuanian brides up to this day. For example, Lithuanian mail order brides know how to use the most mundane or even downright primitive ingredients to cook culinary masterpieces that will surely find a way to your heart through your stomach and even to brew homemade beverage to help their husbands relax after a hard day’s work. In general, you are guaranteed to want to return to a house run by a beautiful Lithuanian woman and spend all your time there.

She also has it genetically embedded into her cultural code that, for a family to thrive, a wife should be supportive of her husband whatever the cause and whatever the cost. Once the two of you are an item, you can rest assured that she will back you up on anything, even if it’s something you’re not particularly proud of. As soon as you have won her over and married her, it becomes natural for her to support her beloved husband regardless of any circumstances.

Lithuanians are not particularly fond of their Soviet past, but if there is one good thing that the communist rule brought with it and that present-day Lithuania has inherited, it’s the decent education available to the masses. As such, many Lithuanian women can boast a splendid education and brilliant careers. Not only does she make an excellent conversation partner, but she also knows how to apply that knowledge in her everyday life to run the household in the most efficient way, so that she didn’t have to sacrifice her career in favor of her housekeeping duties. If, however, such an unlikely moment should ever come, she will have no second thoughts about choosing a family over even the most splendid and enviable career.

The inborn tendency toward seclusion and autonomy that we have mentioned prevents Lithuanians from staying too close with their extended families. So, you won’t have to live through the exhausting family reunions. It’s also not very common in Lithuania to have more than two children. It’s not because Lithuanian women don’t like kids, but quite the contrary: they want their children to have all the care in the world and don’t want to spread their love and attention thinly.

Getting in touch with your Lithuanian mail order bride

Evidently, the best way to get connected with hot Lithuanian brides is by registering with a specialized website run by a Lithuanian brides agency and looking for your ideal match there. What may bring a gentleman to hesitation is the fact that such websites charge for their services. He thinks to himself: “What kind of a man does one need to be to pay for something one can get for free?” While it is true that everybody is welcome to meet their potential love interest on social media or at free dating platforms, the latter ones do have their undeniable drawbacks.

While social media is intended for socializing by its definition and does give you the opportunity to write to any girl you find attractive, there is no way for you to be certain that she is indeed looking for a relationship or even a date. Bugging uninterested girls is creepy and, more importantly, unrewarding.

But how about free dating platforms? Surely women register there with romantic goals on their minds? Yes, they do; but, for one, ‘romantic goals’ can be vague and don’t necessarily coincide with yours. Besides, free platforms will not spare any resource on verifying their users’ profiles to make sure that they are indeed real people who are who they claim to be.
As you may guess, none of that presents an issue at reputable international dating websites. The latter ones are characterized by the following:

  • All profiles are genuine and verified
  • You are provided a translator whenever necessary
  • All ladies have their pictures taken by professionals to portray them the most realistically
  • The pricing policies are reasonable and flexible: you get to choose the features for which you are ready to pay
  • 100% adherence to all the relevant laws
  • Assistance with travel-related matters when the two of you finally decide to meet in real life
  • Legal assistance concerning international marriage procedures

These are the definitive advantages of using a Lithuanian brides agency as opposed to trying your luck with social media or free dating apps. It is understandable, however, if you are still not convinced that you should pay money to such services. You may have heard stories about scammy websites that make fools of gentlemen and steal their money. The concern is reasonable, but it’s fairly easy to tell them apart from reputable and trustworthy services with an untrained eye. Here are the signs to pay attention to:

  • You should be able to look through the women’s profiles before you register – to make sure that you can indeed find what you are looking for on this particular website. Perhaps you will even instantly see a Lithuanian mail order bride that catches your eye.
  • There must be no registration fee.
  • A regular membership fee is also a thing of the past. The pricing policy should clearly state that you only pay for the services that you order (along with how much they cost).
  • The platform should offer you the opportunity to send small presents to the ladies – from candy and flowers to small jewelry and plush toys.
  • Even though the pictures must be of decent quality, they must not be obviously photoshopped, and the girls must not all have model looks. They should look real and authentic.
  • A reputable service that has been around will surely have some positive customer feedback in the form of love stories about how they helped to bring two hearts together. It shouldn’t be any hard to find those online.
  • In addition to the customer feedback, it is also helpful to check out professional reviews of this or that dating platform. You can rely on those to tell you whether or not this website is indeed worthy of your trust. Moreover, they will describe the website’s features in detail and point out all its possible drawbacks and advantages. This should help you pick the most comfortable platform to start meeting Lithuanian brides online.

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