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Bulgarian mail order brides: the perfect wife

Who are Bulgarian mail order brides?

Bulgaria is an ancient and historically rich country. The First Bulgarian Empire arose in 681 by Khan Asparuh. The Empire consisted of nomadic peoples, horse riders, and peoples of different tongues and beliefs. Starting as a small settlement, the Bulgarian empire quickly spread. At the peak of its power, the empire spanned across the Danube Bend to the Adriatic Sea. Over the centuries, the Bulgarian people morphed into traders and artists thanks to their centralized location on the Balkans. Among their most famous symbols still are the sweet and fragrant pink rose and the beautiful Bulgarian woman.

It is a legend among countries in the Balkans that Bulgaria has some of the most beautiful women in the world. While legends tend to exaggerate details, there is a lot of truth buried inside. Bulgarian mail order brides are some of the most gorgeous women in Europe? “Why?”, you might ask. Well, there are many reasons for their irresistible charms. Some of those charms include beauty, hardworking, resourcefulness, intelligence, and loyalty.

Characteristics of Bulgarian women

We mentioned above that Bulgarian women have certain charms that set them apart from the rest of womankind. We will try to elaborate further on specific characteristics that have helped develop their legend.

Bulgarian mail order brides have the typical East-European skeletal structure. Most of them are tall, with brown hair and eyes, pale skin, and a slim stature. Bulgarian women resemble nymphs from old fairytales. A nymph is a mythological creature that dances and sings deep in the forest on warm spring or summer evenings. Indeed, if you ever find yourself staying in Bulgaria for more than a day, you might see some of these charming girls walking around the town. The lightness of their steps and the melody in their voice certainly give credibility to the nymph myths.

Bulgarian women of old had family secrets for keeping themselves young-looking and vitalized. Some of these recipes and potions survived through passing from mother to daughter. The best Bulgarian brides do not rely on expensive cosmetics and beauty treatments to stay fresh and gorgeous. Some ladies use home remedies and skin treatments that are as ancient as the Bulgarian culture.

Bulgarian women are fiercely loyal to their mates, families, and relatives. You will never see or hear a Bulgarian woman talking ill of her family. Talking behind someone’s back is an impermissible sign of disrespect in Bulgaria. It is worth mentioning that Bulgarian people are very proud. That applies to both men and women. One should often be wary of what they say in front of a Bulgarian as to avoid a confrontation.

Hot Bulgarian brides will defend their families to the bitter end. It isn’t uncommon for a Bulgarian wife to have a confrontation with someone who speaks ill of her husband or child. Bulgarian women aren’t violent by nature, but their intimidating personality and animal-like instincts to protect their own might seem scary to some.


Hot Bulgarian women from 50 or so years ago had to survive through crisis and other unpleasant life tribulations. As such, they taught their families how to protect and stand by what belongs to them. The newest generations of Bulgarian mail order brides know the value of family and will stand for what they believe.

Sexy Bulgarian women are very career-oriented. A young Bulgarian bride is taught from cradle to adulthood that she must be in charge of her future. As such, Bulgarian ladies know what they want and how to get it. It isn’t uncommon for women in Bulgaria to begin working as early as 16 years of age. Once they graduate high school, most Bulgarian women go on to study for a degree. It’s considered a poor choice for Bulgarian women to be uneducated. Even if she doesn’t work in the relative field, Bulgarian women will pursue higher education for the sake of knowledge and keeping her options open.

If they choose to work full-time, hot Bulgarian brides will excel in their chosen profession. The reason is that Bulgarian women are incredibly well-organized. You will never meet a Bulgarian woman who doesn’t know the smallest details about their profession.

Family focus
However, if she decides not to work full-time and instead focus on their family and husband, a Bulgarian mail order bride will devote herself to her family entirely. We already mentioned that Bulgarian women are fiercely loyal; this loyalty includes taking care of her family every day. You can be calm that your children will enjoy home-cooked food, care, and education at a superb level. A proud Bulgarian mail order bride will never put her interests above those of her family.

Bulgarian girls are taught from a young age to be aware of their savings and to know how to take care of themselves. While Bulgarian families are very tightly knit (some adults continue to live with their parents well into their thirties), every hot Bulgarian bride must be able to work and make a living for herself. This means getting a job that pays well, being secure in their financial future, and having enough cash for entertainment or other expenses. If you have a Bulgarian wife, you can rest secure about your finances. Even if things went poorly and both of you didn’t have enough money, you would be able to get by on the pure determination of your wife.

Supreme cooking skills
There are many stories about Bulgarian cooking. Most of them are real and true: Bulgarian cuisine is not only delicious but also healthy and abundant. When a Bulgarian family sits to eat there is always more than enough food. This is an old tradition that dictates that a family must be prepared to accept visitors at any time of the day. Hence, the quantity of food must always be enough to feed one or two additional people. Bulgarian girls learn to cook traditional food such as ‘musaka,’ ‘shopska salad,’ and ‘tripe soup’ from their mothers. It is the crowning pride of every girl to be a good chef. While it is customary for the best chefs in the world to be male, Bulgaria has an impressive quantity of excellent chefs that are female.

What are Bulgarian women looking for in a man?

Bulgarian brides online will not be attracted to every man. In fact, finding a Bulgarian girl is easy but making her fall in love with you is difficult. There are many reasons for this. First, when you meet a Bulgarian mail order bride for the first time, she will determine whether you are husband material within the first hour. How does she do that? She will ask many questions to pinpoint your relationship with your family, your cultural level, and how hardworking you are. It is a big turn-off for a Bulgarian bride when a man is lazy. Bulgarian mail order brides want husbands who are active and who know what they want in life.

Second, Bulgarian brides for marriage can always tell if you are lying. Don’t try to deceive your perfect match by telling her lies. She will see right through them, and the cost of lying will be huge. Bulgarian girls have a sense for the truth and honesty. It’s better to tell someone the truth and risk hurting their feelings rather than lying.

When single Bulgarian girls look for a mate, they want someone strong. Slavic cultures find the macho visage of a man appealing. However, there’s no need to be a gym freak or Hercules to find a Bulgarian lady; you merely have to embrace your manliness and behave with integrity and confidence.

Where to find sexy Bulgarian women?

A Bulgarian brides agency would be one of the best places to find a Bulgarian wife. These agencies have a lot of Bulgarian brides for sale in their database. The agencies cooperate with online matchmaking services and help lonely men and women find their perfect mates. There are usually fees that you must pay, but those aren’t too expensive. Depending on your profile plan and membership status, you will be asked to pay a different price. Always check reviews and articles to make sure that the website is legal and secure.

Another way you can find a Bulgarian bride is to sign up with a Bulgarian women dating website that caters exclusively to dating Bulgarian women. These websites are a legal and safe way to find the perfect match. There are large databases with thousands of potential brides for sale that are sure to grab your attention.

The last way of finding a hot Bulgarian bride is to relocate to Bulgaria and live there for a while. Living in Bulgaria will let you absorb the local traditions and culture, and find Bulgarian women the natural way.

Whatever way you choose to explore, always know that true love isn’t far and that everyone deserves to be happy. Maybe you will find the Bulgarian mail order bride of your dreams today?

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