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There is hardly a man in the world who would honestly doubt the beauty of Colombian women. Marrying one of them would bring many of your gentlemen friends to envy. Today, every gentleman has an opportunity to meet, date, and marry one of them with the help of web-based services that specialize in Colombian mail order brides. Here, we will explain how you can become one of the happy husbands of one of these Latin beauties, how you can reach them and win them over, what you should and shouldn’t expect of them, and which expectations of their you may have to live up to.

Why Colombian women choose to date foreigners

  • First of all, they want the respect that they deserve. In Colombia, it is still sadly common to mistreat women and to ignore their opinions and emotions. She seeks a man who will see her for the person she is and not just an attractive body that can also cook.
  • For that matter, domestic violence, including that of sexual nature, still occurs all too often in this country, but the society seems to always have more important problems to deal with while women keep suffering.
  • As if such disrespectful behavior wasn’t enough, Colombian men are often less than motivated to find a decent job to provide for their women and children fairly.
  • Being surrounded by such gorgeous women, it is to some extent understandable why so many Colombian men fail to preserve their faithfulness. Still, the best Colombian brides despise infidelity, so they often seek a man elsewhere.
  • Unfortunately, Colombia is not among the most well-off countries, and the crime rate is high, too. So, many hot Colombian women quite rightfully think that they deserve a better life and see an international marriage as a means to achieve it. The current state of events in Colombia may be temporary, but those gorgeous women are not willing to wait for things to sort themselves out, especially when there is a chance to improve their conditions now. This is also your chance to meet sexy Colombian women for marriage.

Summing up all of the above, can’t you say that you’re just the man for such a gorgeous beauty? All you need to do is treat her with respect, stay loyal to her, and provide for her, – not too much to ask, is it?

What kind of women become mail order brides?

It would be difficult to generalize all hot Colombian brides under a single “tribe.” Some descend from Native Americans, some trace their roots back to Spain or other European countries, others are proud of their African heritage, but most of them have it all in their family tree. It may sound confusing, but it also means that there are women, without exaggeration, to any man’s taste here in Colombia.
Regardless of what kind of women you prefer, you will surely find that all Colombian brides for marriage are equally attractive not only through what Mother Nature has gifted them with but also through the tremendous effort they put in looking good. Here, it’s not uncommon to strive for the beauty ideals through such extreme means as plastic surgery, – even though, as you will find out, it’s not something many women in Colombia do need.

What kind of persons are Colombian mail order brides?

  • They are energetic and hate being alone. They love a good company and a good party.
  • You will never get bored with them. They have a very broad sense of humor that allows them to get and expand upon all sorts of jokes.
  • They are a bit light-headed in terms of punctuality. So, if she arrives late on a date, it’s no reason to get disappointed – it’s not a sign of disregard or anything like that. The best thing would be not to notice it, just like she doesn’t.
  • They love to dance, so get prepared to dance quite a few nights away. If you lack skill in this art, however, there’s no reason to get upset – what they appreciate is the emotion you invest in it!
  • As we have mentioned, many of these women had to experience unfaithfulness from their boyfriends. As such, they are very sensitive about your faithfulness, so think twice before looking at a lady at the next table!

Do’s and Dont’s when dating Colombian women

Suppose you have come to the point where you have communicated with your beautiful Colombian woman for quite a while and decide to know her a little better. The next logical step is to meet her in person. You can invite her to your home, but – because of the visa policies, it is much easier for you to travel to Colombia. You may be reasonably vigilant about traveling to a country with such a high crime rate, so it’s best if you leave organizing your trip to professionals. A Colombian brides agency will gladly assume this responsibility. So, you have landed, checked in at your hotel, but you’re still anxious about meeting that gorgeous woman. Calm down and keep in mind these do’s and dont’s:

1: As we discussed, Colombian girls are somewhat relaxed about their perception of time, so DON’T expect her to show up right on time and DON’T mention it when she doesn’t. Consider that she has probably spent this extra time on making herself look even more beautiful for you, so DO compliment her on that. Also, DO be there on time or even a little in advance to make sure that you have a table.

2: DO get her a little token of appreciation, such as some flowers or a box of her favorite chocolates, but DON’T make it too expensive. You don’t ever want it to look like you’re trying to buy her.

3: DO expect to pick the tap. In this culture, if you ask her out, everything that has to do with the date is your responsibility, including the financial aspect. This, of course, doesn’t mean that you are in charge of the menu, so DON’T even consider picking something “more affordable” for her. It is a better idea to let her pick some local specialty for you – surely, after so much time chatting online, she should know your taste. Speaking of affordable, there’s no need to worry that her exquisite taste may get you bankrupt. The prices in Colombia are much lower than what we’re used to, so you can afford much more than in your hometown.

4: If you are still not comfortable with the idea of taking her to a restaurant and paying for it, DON’T say it out loud because it will make you look cheap. Instead, DO take the initiative and suggest some other option. For instance, you may be curious to see some nice landscapes (which Colombia has plenty) and take her out on a picnic. In most regions of Colombia, the weather is fine throughout most of the year. Also, she will most likely try to impress you with her cooking and insist on preparing the snacks.

5: Though she does expect you to pick the tap at a restaurant, she might also feel uncomfortable about being paid for. So, Colombian women dating may invite you to their place. DON’T expect that it means the same thing there as it does in our countries. It does not suggest a shag! On the contrary, it almost always means that you are about to meet her parents. In Colombia, it is not uncommon or prejudiced to live with your parents while you are still single. So, you DO have to look presentable and impressive. It doesn’t have to mean a tuxedo, – just be tidy, well-groomed, clean-shaved, etc. Family ties are exceptionally strong here, so she values her parents’ opinion a great deal; so, it is imperative to impress them, too.

6: In general, you will have to adopt a more relaxed attitude toward finance, at least for the time being. It’s true that economic matters are important, but it doesn’t make these women Colombian brides for sale. They know that you can’t buy happiness with money, that finance is by far not the only thing that matters in a relationship. And so should you – since you ended up on a dating website. So, DON’T bring up the topic of money unless she brings it up first or unless you DO want to end this relationship before it even starts.

What precisely does a Colombian marriage agency do

You must have heard one or two love stories about gentlemen meeting their Colombian brides online. You may have also heard some less encouraging stories where the marriage fell apart shortly after, or the gentleman got scammed. Such stories render one reasonably skeptical about the idea of marrying a girl from a faraway land.

First, the stats say that international marriages through mail order brides last by far longer than average. This is because the two get to make sure that they are a perfect match for each other before they make the critical decision of uniting in a holy matrimony. In this way, employing a mail order brides agency to organize your family life is more beneficial than the old-fashioned way.

As for the scam aspect, it’s necessary to acknowledge that it exists. It exists everywhere where money is concerned. To confront it, mail order brides services demand that the local dating agencies with whom they cooperate guarantee that all the girls are real and authentic. For this, the agencies perform check-ups on the girls whose profiles they list on their websites. These check-ups include not only checking her eligibility for marriage (actual age and marital status), but also interviewing her to make sure that she is there to get happily married and not with any other purpose in mind. Now, just think about it – did anyone perform such check-ups on a girl you meet at a bar? In this way, mail order bride services are, in fact, more secure than the old-fashioned way.

Moreover, the dating agency will take on all the legal procedures regarding bringing your lovely bride to your home, so that you don’t have to mess with this bureaucratic jungle. And – they will calculate the cost of it all for you so that you don’t run into any hidden fees. These are only a few aspects why looking for your ideal bride overseas is an excellent idea. Don’t let your fate miss you and try out one or two reputable Colombian mail order bride services.