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    How To Meet A Woman

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      by Katherine Woodward Thomas 12 Apr 2022
    •  Updated: 20 Jul 2022
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    How to meet a woman: tips, situations, and know-how

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    Starting a new relationship is always hard and brings much emotional distress. Men traditionally feel more oppressed in the Western world because, unlike Asian countries, it is a man who supposes to bear all responsibility for pleasing a woman, caring about her, giving presents, and taking the shame of rejection if a woman denies him in the first place. Not only heart feelings come into play: money, too. Even though increasingly more women try to share the expenses for a date with a man (which mostly is about sharing the bill in the restaurant), it is still a lot he has to consider, which require money: flowers, sweets or trifles as a gift brought on a date, arranging some romance (paying for booking of a table or special place to spend time with – like renting an entire skating rink to make them be there just in two under the projected limelight, which is super romantic). That’s why men of all ages don’t know how to behave and even hesitate about finding a woman.

    Certainly, we cannot make the moment of meeting and starting a conversation less emotionally burning for you but we are giving you solid pieces of advice on how to meet a woman, to make it simpler for you. 

    How to meet a woman: a set of 11 practical places and situations for your help

    1. Bars and nightclubs. People there are less emotionally enclosed and want to have fun, interacting with other people around – that’s basically why they’re here. These have been and still stay the best places to hook up with somebody, as nearly every person in his or her young age comes to bars and nightclubs at least several times in life. You see young women on the street, in a mall, in a coffee shop, or at your work – and these are the same women that on Friday go to a nightclub to do, well, clubbing. While they may not feel right enough to be hooked outside of a nightclub, there, they feel relaxed, fun, and open for everything new. So, damn right you are when choosing a nightclub or a bar for an obvious goal – that’s what people usually do. Dress for success and be confident. Oh, well, and take several dancing classes – to look cool on the dance floor, not like a loser.
    2. Online. There are numerous dating sites, which are created specifically for people who are searching for their other half.
    3. Speed dating events. During them, you will only have 2 or 5 minutes to talk to a person – participant of speed dating. But the number of people you can meet during this night is 5-10-15… As many as registrants on this event will be. Some of them can take up to 1 hour, some take a few – and the chances that you match to someone are high.
    4. House or outdoor party – on various social events, which also include museums and cinemas, women are more open towards being approached by men than most men think. That makes them a far easier prey than men consider. Also, the fleur of fun and ease of the evening adds to the desire of women to meet somebody during such events and parties. Also, alcohol consumed on these parties and events eases many barriers.
    5. Through friends. A friend of mine has found a future wife through his friends – so don’t underestimate the power of the word of mouth.
    6. Shopping mall. People going there not purposefully for shopping and leaving are more relaxed and take it slow, having fun because of going out. So when you filter out those who are 1) focused heavily on purchases, 2) in pair or with family, 3) with a bunch of hard-to-approach friends, you will have the residual of women who are having fun here and would like to meet men.
    7. Dance classes. This requires more self-devotion from you and, at least, the desire to dance – as there must be a lot of dancing. But due to the naturally bigger number of women in those classes and the change of dancing partners, it is easier to become approached and to approach.
    8. Coffee shop. A lot of people there are lonely or drink their coffees alone or with one friend. Also, the IQ level of those in coffee shops is on average higher than of those in nightclubs, so a chance to hook a smart girl is higher. She also can have a bigger devotion to long-term commitments.
    9. The gym. When people train, they devote a large share of time to self-admiration and demonstration of their bodies to other people. A few compliments to her body or the way she trains – and a girl already wants to talk to you, especially if your body is well-shaped, too.
    10. Weddings. It may sound weird for men – but not at all for ladies. The latter during weddings dream about having one for them (if they’re not married yet) and striving of theirs to this during a wedding increases in tens or hundreds of times. And if they do not have any or good relations currently, girls desperately want to find a nice guy to marry him. So, seeing a girl with a hungry and seeking look at a wedding definitely means that you have to take your guts and approach her. 
    11. Your work. You are seeing many people at least 8 hours a day, 35-40 hours a week on average. Such closeness often results in work affairs and something bigger. 

    But remember that, despite the fact that there are many suitable places for a meeting, they are not the most important thing (some of them simply create the right mood but that’s not everything). A girl should be attracted to you and feel okay to continue communication. Believe it or not but you have a lot of control over the feeling of a woman to feel attracted to you. Your look, smell, assuredness, and charisma are important. During the first encounter, women are attracted by your behavior.

    The quick list of services, where you can find your woman

    On the list of most popular places on how to meet a woman, online dating sites take a firm position #2. So, let’s use this possibility to look at some most popular and effective of them:,,,, and We’ve picked them not for nothing. All of them have tens or hundreds of thousands of registered users, are open for the free registration of women and men, do the verification of profiles, and offer a lot of ways to find a partner and communicate with him or her. Also, nearly every user answers back to your chats and letters over a short period of time – which makes it effective to use those websites to find your partner there. You will also be pleased by a high online rate of people on those sites – which means that a lot of users there are really interested in finding a partner.

    How to meet a woman: afterword

    If you think that the surest way of how to meet a woman is to look good, have a great body, and wear perfect cologne, then you’re right. In part. Women do feel nice when they are approached by a handsome dude, who pays attention to the looks – but they also understand that the look is superficial. What they really seek subconsciously in a partner is his ability to thrive in this life, be well-established, and provide a nice life for the family. If you interest a girl with your inner world and demonstrate those qualities, then no matter you are unpretty or ugly – most women will come after you and will want to have at least sex and at most – marriage with you. So, looking simply handsome or stylish is a good way to start. But hooking a partner for sex or living and something serious is more about what you are and how successful you are. 

    Some women, definitely, can have sex with you only because of your handsome look and cool hairstyle. But the biggest part of them is not brainless and understands that a man is about a provider for a family, a guy who can thrive, be kind and wise. 

    So how to meet a woman is eventually not the as important question as to how to make her interested in you and keep that interest un-faded. Yes, you can wear a nice shirt, suit, and cologne – but consider everything of those as only helpers on your path to attract women. And, when doing it, be confident and take at least some classes of scenic speech prior to hooking women. Also, prepare several interesting stories to tell (even if they aren’t yours) – which will add a lot of vigor, interest, and confidence to you as a man in the eyes of most women.