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Nepali brides: the blend of tradition and modernity

Nepal is one of those countries we’ve heard about more than once, but still have little idea about its culture and traditions — or, even its precise location, for that matter. Some people tend to think of it as some sort of an appendix to India or China, which is, of course, far from the truth. So, it’s not surprising that single men looking to date Asian women often forget about hot Nepali brides. It’s true that some time ago, the world of online dating was closed to these women, but today, the even the most traditional countries join the ever-growing community of people looking for perfect partners abroad.

What does this mean for single Western gentlemen? First of all, that they get to explore the fascinating world of Nepali brides for marriage and choose a great girl who could, potentially, become a perfect life partner. So, let’s discuss why men should consider Nepali women dating and what makes these girls stand out from the rest of Asian beauties.

Nepali women and what makes them special

Up until recently, Nepal was a highly conservative and a pretty much closed country. Even today, it is surrounded with a certain mystery, so Nepali brides online are a relatively new phenomenon, and chances are — you did not have the pleasure to experience their company — not yet. However, these mysterious beauties are rapidly entering the world of online dating, and this is what they have to offer to their potential grooms:

Traditional focus on family values

As in any other conservative Asian country, Nepali women played a submissive part for centuries. Even though the situation is changing, you can still see the consequences of strict subdivision into male and female roles. Women are supposed to quiet, agreeable, and do in all in their power to please the men.

Families play a huge part in this picture, and women are the ones who are supposed to preserve family values. In this system of values, men act as breadwinners, and women take care of the homes, the husbands, and the children. So, do not get offended if a beautiful Nepali woman asks you about your income — it’s not a sign of her greed, but rather an indication of interest in your masculine skills.

Great cooking skills

Speaking of feeding the husbands and the children, Nepali women take cooking as an essential part of homemaking, and this is the part they truly excel in. Nepalese cuisine is not as hot and spicy as Indian one; neither it is similar to the Chinese — even though the elements of both cuisines are evidently present due to the shared state borders. Best Nepali brides learn cooking from their mothers and grand-mothers and will gladly surprise you with delicacies you can only find in this part of the world.

Curious mind and inquisitive nature

One of the reasons why hot Nepali brides go searching for a husband online is their curious and inquisitive nature. Then again, a fruit that has been forbidden for so long (arranged marriages had been a common practice for centuries) is always tempting. So, do not get surprised if she bombards you with dozens of questions about your country and culture. Also, pay no attention if some of her stereotypes seem weird to you.

Also, remember that education and careers have become available to Nepali women quite recently, and now, they’re trying their best to excel in these new fields. If she has a job, she’ll take it with utmost seriousness; but, it does not mean that she will compromise her family life for it — on the contrary, she’ll work very hard to keep both.

Kind soul and hopelessly romantic nature

Most hot Nepali women are hopeless romantics, and Bollywood plays a great part in that. We’re not going to make jokes about Indian cinema industry here — even though this subject is endless. Just remember, a Nepali woman wants to be courted with all the best traditions of Hollywood and Bollywood combined. She’ll expect grand gestures and gifts — not because she’s a pricey thing, but because, for her, those are the ultimate signs of affection. On the upside, keeping the door open for her, paying generous compliments, getting her a bouquet of flowers now and then, and writing/calling every day should do the trick right from the start.

Beauty, style, and modesty

And if all the above features were not enough, there is overwhelming beauty. Hot Nepali women are petite and pretty, with fairer skin than most of their Asian sisters — a quality these girls love and treasure. Due to their traditional values, Nepali women do not abuse makeup or dress provokingly. In clothes, they try to combine the best color blends of their own culture, while at the same time choosing unobtrusive, Western designs. This gives these gorgeous ladies a truly unique look you will never find in other Asian countries.

The phenomenon of Nepali mail order brides explained

At this point, you’re probably curious enough to give sexy Nepali women a shot; but, before you do, some terminology must be explained. First, there is no such thing as Nepali brides for sale — even though you may come across such a slang phrase on certain websites. Nepal may be new to the world of online dating, but international laws and regulations still apply. Human trafficking is illegal everywhere, so the term ‘Nepali mail order brides’ implies that a professional marriage agency can help facilitate your communication with beautiful Nepali ladies and, should you choose to get married to one of them, help your bride-to-be get a marriage visa and relocate — that’s it.

Using the services of a Nepali brides agency is, of course, associated with some extra expenses. But, if you are indeed serious in your intentions of finding a bride, you’ll probably find such services worthy of their cost. And here’s why:

  • A reputable marriage site has local divisions in most cities of Nepal, and these local divisions verify the brides’ IDs to make sure each woman is 18+ and single/divorced. So, you know that women you’re chatting with are indeed real.
  • Dating websites are carefully developed and maintained to ensure 24/7 connection and boast flexible search filters, helping you to find women who could, indeed, become your perfect match. Differently from free dating apps and sites, who take their revenue from ads, reputable marriage sites invest in their enterprises and guarantee top-notch user experience.
  • Local divisions facilitate not only your communication with a prospective bride but also your courting process. In particular, you can order a small token of affection (flowers, candy, etc.) and have it delivered to your lady. And make no mistake — Nepali women love such gestures, so it will make an impression.
  • The cost of communication includes translators’ services. Some of the best Nepali brides are quite fluent in English, but not all of them. So, should you require a translator, you will not be charged extra.
  • If you decide to meet your Nepali mail order bride in person, the agency will help organize the trip.
  • And most importantly, if you decide to get married, the agency will take all the legal paperwork on itself.

What to focus on when looking for Nepali brides agency

If you’ve used any international dating sites before, chances are — you’ve heard stories about men getting scammed online. Of course, no one is totally safe from fraud, but if you take time looking for a legitimate marriage agency, you’ll bring such risks down to a minimum. Here are some points to focus on as you choose:

  1. Look for social media feedback and reviews. Of course, a lot of agencies feature user testimonials on their websites, but if you truly want to know what real users think, go to social media. As for the independent review sites, these will usually describe the main features of this or that service, helping you to find out which one works best for you, personally.
  2. Don’t go for sites that ask for registration fees. Such fees are an outdated concept; plus, these days, you’re supposed to pay only for the exact services you’re using. So, essentially, you’re billed for the number of letters you sent and the minutes of chats you’ve used. Gifts, if you send any, are charged separately. So, the more active you get on a platform— the more you pay; as simple as that.
  3. Make sure the site allows you a preview of the girls’ profiles. You should at least be able to take a quick look, just to see if someone catches your eye. As you do, read through the girls’ profiles, and do not be surprised if they look polished up. Remember, girls are supplied not only with a translator but also with a free photo shoot. If you see someone you’d like to contact, you can go on with the registration.

Final tips on Nepali women dating

All in all, if you keep a clear head while looking for a reliable agency, you get a chance to meet some beautiful Nepali woman you’ll fall in love with and want to build a happy family. Of course, it takes time (just like regular dating does), but the effort is well worth it — especially if you consider that most mail order brides marriages have a surprisingly low divorce rate. And, as you already know, Nepali women make excellent wives!

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