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KoreanCupid Comprehensive Review of All Features

KoreanCupid, one of the smaller brothers in the Cupid Media family of culturally-niched dating web pages, currently takes care of trying to improve the romantic life of 500,000 worldwide members. It was created in 2004, and it mostly brings together men from the Western part of the world and exotic Korean women. But those are not the only matches that it provides, as it also has users from China, Philippines, as well as American women and Asian men.

Member Structure on KoreanCupid

  • You get to fill out your own profile as you wish
  • It has more than 500,000 users all over the world, 105,000 from the United States
  • 990 members log in daily
  • 40% of the users are female and 60% male
  • Still, the majority of singles on this website are from Korea

Most of KoreanCupid’s members come from Korea or the United States, some of them even having Korean genetic roots, but US residence. Of course, not being Korean is not a problem when signing up for this dating service. A lot of users are Asian or Caucasian singles, who are simply looking for Korean partners. Most of the women (40% of the website’s users) are aged between 25 and 44, while men, composing 60% of the platform’s population, are aged between 25 and 54 years old.

By the details that can be seen in the profiles of different users, it seems like most of them are using KoreanCupid to find either a romantic relationship or a sweet friendship. Members tend to make an effort when it comes to adding information and appropriate pictures to their profiles, as they want to keep their accounts up and running. The odds of bumping into fake profiles seem to be low because admins check all new accounts and tend to delete them if they look suspicious.

Signing Up the Service

  • You can register in a jiffy
  • You can sign up using an email address or your Facebook account
  • Using Facebook can make the photo situation easier
  • You don’t need to add a profile picture right away
  • You don’t need to verify your account with your email

Getting an account on KoreanCupid is extremely easy. You start by giving them your first name, gender, age, email address and finish about two minutes later by setting up a password. You don’t need to choose a profile photo at this point if you haven’t decided on one that you’d like to be the face you show to the world. Also, you don’t have to verify your email. On the other hand, it seems that verifying an account by uploading a copy of your ID for the eyes of the admins would save you from getting your account suspended.

Another option that you have is to register using your Facebook profile, the link to it being just enough to consider your account unsuspicious and verified so that no ID proof is further needed. Note, that if you do not want to get kicked out, you should not to be too naughty or break any of their policies. Using Facebook also makes filling up your account with photos easier, as you can just add your favorite ones directly from there and not look for them on your computer.

Making Contact with KoreanCupid Users

  • You can send all the hearts in the world; it is free
  • Only premium members can text first
  • Replying to messages is free for everyone
  • It’s also free to add people to your favorites list
  • You can set advanced filters to your searches
  • The website has a chatroom

As with other websites under the rule of Cupid Media, actual conversations with others might become difficult on KoreanCupid, especially if you don’t have a premium membership. With a free account, you cannot text first, you just wait and hope that Gold and Platinum members will reach out to you. After that, replying is free. You could always try to get their attention by sending little hearts to their profiles and keep your fingers crossed for them to notice. Also, if your person of interest is a premium member, they will get a notification if you add them to your favorites list.

Search filters are available for all users, but how advanced they get depends on the membership you have. It is free to search by matching criteria, popular topics, and Cupid tags.

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