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    Connecting Singles

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      by Katherine Woodward Thomas 19 Feb 2019
    •  Updated: 5 Apr 2024
    Connecting Singles
    8.8 RATING
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    Connecting Singles

    • 3814 GIRLS ONLINE
    • 92% REPLY RATE
    • 8.8 RATING
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      100% FREE Online Dating Service for Singles
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      All profiles are thoroughly checked
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      There are blogs, forums, articles, poetry, tests, quizzes, games and many other things like these
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      Advanced search options
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      There is a mobile app


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    100% FREE Online Dating Service for Singles

    Connecting Singles: More than dating online

    Connecting Singles – photo 1

    Dating services are among the most popular websites nowadays. There is a wide range of options for everybody. Whatever you want from a relationship can be found online. The only thing such sites have in common is that they all charge their clients for various features – partly or in full. Or do they? 

    Connecting Singles is one of the few platforms in this segment that offer matchmaking services entirely for free. Although it is quite cool, some people who have never been to the site find it alarming? Why, indeed? Might it be a scam of some sort?

    Another peculiar fact is that Connecting Singles is not just about bringing people together based on their desires and images of a perfect match they have in mind. It is a multifunctional communication platform with diversified corners – for gamers, poets, music lovers, etc. This arises more inspiration among some users, while others are not sure whether it’s possible to find the right partner when there are so many distractions. So, this service is, for want of a better word, controversial. It might be a brilliant opportunity or a massive disappointment.

    We’re going to estimate the advantages and disadvantages Connecting Singles has and find out if it’s worth your time.

    Connecting Singles members

    Connecting Singles has 50,000 users with 10,000 of them active every week. They are predominantly from the US and fall into all age groups – from 18 to 55+ years old. Although, the number of women in their thirties and men in their forties prevails.

    60% of the site’s members are female. Overall, women flirt more actively than men on the website. Meanwhile, men are more active at Connecting Singles’ numerous forums. So, you can find a partner of either gender with no effort. You should merely know where to search for him or her. 

    Initially, the website attracts potential users who want to find a match for free. But upon joining the community, users get more engaged in other features the site has to offer. People genuinely enjoy forums and various games. It doesn’t mean that they forget why they came here in the first place, but you can hardly count on meeting the right person if you ignore the fun not related directly to flirting and hooking up.

    All newcomers fill out their profiles and are recommended to upload photos. The more info you provide, the better. It will allow someone special to single you out of numerous users active every day. You can search for an interesting person who is currently online yourself by checking out the list of online users.

    How to sign up

    Starting a profile on Connecting Singles goes as follows:

    Either of them takes you a few moments. At this stage, you enter some general information – your country, city, birthday, and gender. But you will still wait a bit before you can become a full member of Connecting Singles community. The review of your profile may take up to 24 hours. Use this time to fill out all the additional fields which other users will see. You will have to tell about your job and answer some more questions in a few sentences. These answers should be 50 characters long, at least. There are certain restrictions on what you can’t disclose in these fields. The following information mustn’t be there:

    How to contact other users successfully

    Connecting Singles – photo 2

    Traditionally, people communicate on dating websites by messaging. This feature is, of course, present on Connecting Singles and is free, like all the other services provided by the site. But there are some details to know. You can’t send or get messages during the 24-hour review of your profile that we have already mentioned. Admittedly, most users agree to this rule as they understand that profiles need to get checked that way. Who knows what kind of an ill-intended person might want to join a free website. So, such precautions won’t harm anyone willing to spend quality time on Connecting Singles. 

    But even when you can message others, it won’t make a significant difference. Say, you find a person you like in ‘Matches’ and want to contact them via the messaging system. In the majority of cases, you will have to wait for a reply because, statistically, members are preoccupied with other communication tools most of the time. So, this way to get in touch with a compatible match is less effective than going to a forum, discussing interesting topics, and finding people you are interested in there. By the way, there are no live chat rooms on Connecting Singles. But you can like other users’ profiles once you sign up. This may help you start building your network on the service in the first 24 hours after creating your account. But later on, likes are not that useful either.

    Contacting users individually

    Here are some exciting ways to contact particular users on Connecting Singles:

    How to reach a lot of users simultaneously

    Though intimate online communication is enjoyable, Connecting Singles users find it more advantageous to socialize with many people at once and then make some choice of a partner. The site offers an outstanding range of options to do it:

    Blocking undesired messages

    Connecting Singles has a rather strict policy regulating what one can and cannot post in any section of the website. Upon violating any of the rules, you might get permanently banned from the service, so can any other user.

    If you have faced abuse, bigotry, impatience, or apparent scam, report this immediately, and this person will not bother you anymore. Whenever you view someone’s profile, you can see a ‘Report Abuse’ button. Don’t hesitate to hit it if needed. You can also block users from your contacts by clicking on the ‘Block’ button next to a message or an eCard. This won’t prevent these people from viewing your profile or sending one more like, but they won’t write to you for sure. 

    To sum this part up, Connecting Singles is in no way about conventional communication tools, like messaging, mutual likes, matchmaking algorithms, winks, etc. Be prepared to play exciting games the site offers, join numerous corners based on mutual interest, and become a part of lively discussions on various topics – from popular music to people’s worldviews, philosophy, and values. These things work excellently on Connecting Singles. Moreover, it is a perfect way to find a partner to spend a great time with both online and in real life.

    Membership and prices

    The only thing one must do to become a full member of Connecting Singles is to provide all the valid information required and wait for approximately 24 hours before the profile gets validated. That’s it. Then you get full access to all the site’s features and are granted to contact everyone.

    Connecting Singles is not a type of site that claims to be free but persistently tries to trick you into some membership plans or in-app purchases. You won’t pay anything to use it.

    The final word on Connecting Singles

    Connecting Singles – photo 3

    The site’s professional team has made a lot to ensure secure communication for all its members. Given that the site is 100% free, it is downright astonishing. All profiles get thoroughly checked, and any violation of the site’s rules can lead to total banning. Besides, you can contribute to mutual safety yourself by reporting any user whose behavior is offensive or dangerous to the community. In this respect, we give Connecting Singles a thumbs up. 

    The site’s interface is convenient. It lets anyone find what they want intuitively. And the content is genuinely inspiring. Blogs, forums, poetry, videos, polls – all these make it all a splendid pastime. 

    However, the concerns about many distractions from actual online dating are partly justified. Indeed, many people forget about seeking encounters altogether when they get engaged in all these games, groups, and discussions. On the other hand, this makes their interaction more mindful and exciting. It guarantees that should you find a partner, your relationship will be based on mutual interests and values, and not just sexual tension or the fact that you live nearby.

    So, potential users have to decide for themselves whether they want a quick hookup that often leads to nothing but a one-night stand or a deep and meaningful relationship built on the spiritual bound. One can find happiness on different dating platforms. Connecting Singles makes the process of search less straightforward but, at the same time, the results might be more substantial.

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