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    Tinder Alternative

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      by Laura Friedman Williams 24 Jan 2019
    •  Updated: 11 Apr 2024
    Tinder Alternative
    8.1 RATING
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    Tinder Alternative

    • 4612 GIRLS ONLINE
    • 81% REPLY RATE
    • 8.1 RATING
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      Simple interface
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      Tinder allows its users to find people who are searching for a date in their area
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      Creating a profile on the website is effortless. The only thing you need to use Tinder is a Facebook account
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      Free browsing and chatting


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      Beware of fake accounts that can be connected with porn advertisement


    Tinder is a perfect platform for youth, who want to find a partner for one time sex

    Free Tinder Gold coupon

    Fraud or not?

    When you are searching the web for a free Tinder Gold coupon you will find only fraud, because you can get one only directly from Tinder. These are sent via email to chosen members. There is two types of cheating:

    • Websites with fake information about possessing coupons
    • Youtube videos from scammers – if you give them email you will get a lot of spam
    Tinder Alternative – photo 1
    Tinder Alternative – photo 2

    How you are cheated in such videos:

    1. You have to give your email to unreliable resources
    2. You must download and use 3 needless applications
    3. You will not get the promo code anywayRead our reviews

    Believe us or not,
    consider this:

    Tinder Alternative – photo 3
    70% of Tinder users are men
    Tinder Alternative – photo 4
    Girls on Tinder are very popular
    Tinder Alternative – photo 5
    Your efforts will not pay off

    Of course, it may happen that you will purchase Tinder Gold and after some time you will see that a beautiful girl puts you a like, but the reality is that she most likely wants to dine at your expense.

    Be honest with yourself. If all the beautiful girls are already busy meeting other guys, who will put you some likes? Why then do you need a Tinder Gold account?

    The alternatives

    You can get more profit from mail-order brides sites. That’s why they are better than Tinder:

    1. With mail-order brides users are able to find a life partner
    2. Mail-order bride is a perfect wife
    3. You will definitely find what you are looking for

    I am looking for…

    Take a simple free quiz to find your perfect match

    Finding your match on Tinder: An Unbiased Review

    Tinder Alternative – photo 6

    Tinder was established in 2012 and has become the leading matchmaking app providing outstanding tools for online dating. Since the very first days, Tinder offers incredibly convenient features to its clients. Millions of people have changed their lives entirely by using this well-known service aimed at helping people find their partners.

    The rise of Tinder was truly revolutionary as it has changed the market of online dating forever. The app interface is quite simple, and the whole process is based on rating pics of other users. Being location-based, Tinder allows its users to find people who are searching for a date in their area. There is no problem in arranging a date with a person you like in your city because the service provides you with an opportunity to contact them. It is equally effective if you want to meet someone for a single date or to find a partner for serious relationships and build a family.  

    How to create a Tinder profile

    The only thing you need to use Tinder is a Facebook account. Your profile on the site will mostly consist of the information that is given on your FB page. New Tinder clients don’t have to spend a lot of time filling in the questionnaires, as they do to register on other dating services. The app will do it for them. If one wishes to change any personal information on Tinder, it will only take a couple of clicks.

    Creating a profile on the website is effortless. Introducing oneself is limited to only 500 characters, though filling in this field is optional.

    How to find your match on Tinder

    The navigation on Tinder is basic and intuitive. Sort out people you like and don’t like and choose the one you like most to get in touch with. Like or dislike singles on Tinder by swiping their photos right or left respectively. It doesn’t matter if you dislike the person who likes you. This won’t have any consequences for you. If someone dislikes you, nothing happens either. But if likes are mutual, the site will inform both of you about that. 

    After two people’s likes match, they get an opportunity to use a chat room that has little difference from a usual text messaging via smartphone. The site informs both users when they are online and are ready to start a chat. Just turn the notifications on and don’t be shy to contact the person you like first. Using funny pictures and GIFs is also available. This will surely help you set the right mood for the conversation and reduce the stress if any.

    Great additional features available on Tinder

    Tinder Alternative – photo 7

    Your Tinder profile integrates with your accounts on Facebook and Instagram and uses the information featured on them. This helps you make your profile more interesting and lively, thus drawing other users’ attention. Those who are interested in music can share Spotify links to have more common topics to chat about. 

    In addition, Tinder provides users with is a possibility of inviting their friends from other social networks to join them when they spend time with other Tinder users. This feature is called Tinder Social. It is useful when you want to broaden the circle of people you communicate with.

    To make your profile more searchable for other users, you can choose one of the boosting features. They are purchased for additional credits, but usually, they pay off. Tinder Boost allows you to become a top profile for users in your area for half an hour. It brings you more views and, eventually, it gets easier to pick a good match. Gold members can also use Tinder Picks. These are the best matches recommended for you. Each day, ten top is available in a separate menu bar. You can check out their photos and see a tag word that explains why these people have been picked for you. 

    The pricing policy

    Tinder has a number of basic free features that help users look around before they decide whether they need any kind of membership or not. These features include: 

    The cost of the membership depends on your age. You will pay $9.99 per month if you are under 28 years old. In case you are 28 or older, you will have to pay $19.99 per month. Once you buy a membership, you can swipe right as many people as you like. But this is not nearly everything that paying members get. The scope of paid services is as follows:

    The Gold membership fee may vary for different age groups and is charged in addition to your membership plan. 

    You can pay for Tinder services with your mobile phone. If you decide to cancel, adjust the corresponding settings in iTunes or Google Play. Otherwise, the membership will be renewed. 


    Tinder Alternative – photo 8

    If you look for a highly effective matchmaking tool, focus your attention on Tinder. The service has a great variety of cool features helping singles to search for their match. Moreover, most of these features have been invented by Tinder and borrowed by other matchmaking websites later on. As for today, a lot of people found their soulmates via the Tinder dating app. On the other hand, people mostly come here to find a person for a single date. Specify a kind of relationships you would like to have not to feel awkward. 

    Beware of fake accounts that can be connected with porn advertisement. Unfortunately, newcomers can become victims of different sorts of scams. However, if you are careful about your privacy, you can feel quite safe using the app. Not every user can tell fake profiles from real ones, so if you have any doubts about somebody, stop wasting your time and end your communication immediately. Instead, you can find a lot of 100% real users who want to date someone like you on Tinder. 

    We can endlessly compare Tinder to similar services, but one thing remains unchanged – this app is among the most popular dating websites the world has ever known. So, you should at least try it and see how it goes.

    Tinder FAQs

    Why choose Tinder for online dating?

    Tinder is a very convenient and entertaining app that has much in common with popular social networks. The simplified navigation is based on features like sex, age, location, and personal interests. It helps users to meet a huge amount of people who live nearby and are interested in them. The chances that any of these people can become your real date are quite high. 

    Why choose Tinder to hook up online? 

    When you visit most other dating sites, you have to describe the type of relationship you want to have and your future partner. Filling in countless forms and writing essays make people feel committed before they even meet someone. But this is not the case with Tinder. People here are open-minded, and most of them are only looking for an NSA encounter. Moreover, they don’t try to hide their intentions. That is why if you are not seeking a long-term relationship, Tinder is an ideal app for you to use. 

    Should I choose Tinder to search for a life partner?

    Tinder Alternative – photo 9

    It is true that Tinder is the perfect tool for searching a person for a quick date and a hookup. Nevertheless, it might appear less helpful for those who wish to build a family. The whole concept highlights a carefree attitude toward dating. Besides, the basic information presented in profiles is not enough to produce the right opinion about a person when it comes to starting serious relationships. 

    However, it doesn’t mean that one can’t find a future partner via the app. It may take a little more time and effort, but it is possible. You can indicate that you are not seeking a hookup in your profile and this will attract people with the same goals. Once you meet the one who matches you for real, you can start building any relationship you want. In fact, many people who just wanted to have fun here found something more significant. 

    Why pay for Tinder services?

    Actually, you don’t have to. As we have mentioned in ‘The pricing policy’ section, you get a lot of features for free. Tinder offers you more free services that the majority of other dating apps. Alongside with creating a profile and an opportunity to view other users, you can also like people and, eventually, get a match that will lead to a real meeting. On the other hand, the number of right swipes is limited which reduces your chances significantly. If you don’t want to miss someone wonderful, you really should subscribe. The prices are pretty affordable, and you can cancel your membership whenever you don’t need it. 

    Will my friends on Facebook see my Tinder activity?

    This question bothers most people because, as we know, your FB information is integrated into your Tinder account. But no, your Facebook friends will not know if you use Tinder at all (unless you want them to). No posts will appear on your FB page, and no one will get any notifications, as long as you don’t send them yourself with Tinder Social. 

    Is it safe to use Tinder? 

    Scams and spammers have always tried to get an advantage of everyone who uses any kind of social app. But does its best to protect its users from any unwanted contacts. This app has gained the reputation of one the safest dating services worldwide, so you don’t have to worry about your private information.

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