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      by Laura Friedman Williams 19 Apr 2019
    •  Updated: 17 Feb 2024
    9.6 RATING
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    • 2012 GIRLS ONLINE
    • 83% REPLY RATE
    • 9.6 RATING
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      Easy and quick registration
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      Easy to use
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      There's no monthly membership. It's up to the member to decide how many credits he'd like to buy and how quickly he spends them
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      There is a mobile app


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      AsianBeautyDating mobile app: for iOS users only
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      AsianBeautyDating is quite an expensive dating site compared to similar services
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      Many fake profiles


    AsianBeautyDating is a trendy dating Qpid platform

    AsianBeautyDating: website for men who prefer Asian women

    AsianBeautyDating – photo 1

    AsianBeautyDating is a trendy dating platform intended for men, predominantly American, wanting to date women of Asian descent. The site advertises its ability to offer live chat as well as video calls with some of the hottest Asian ladies. If you’re dreaming to get connected with top model look-alikes from Asia, this is the place for you. AsianBeautyDating is a part of Qpid dating group which is a well-established dating service on the web and one of the best mail order bride services worldwide. 

    Basic facts on AsianBeautyDating

    More than a million and a half men from the USA have signed up as users. The site registers over 4000 logins each day. To become a member, a man fills out a personal profile sheet and provide the information he deems important. No inappropriate questions are asked, and it’s up to you to decide how much of your personal life you’re willing to share. When a male user searches for a partner on this site, he only sees women in his results list, all of them with Asian provenance. Male members cannot see the profiles of other men. Some users come to the site simply for online dating and have no interest in taking their relationship any further. Others find it challenging to go and meet their dates in person as they reside in faraway countries of Asia. Of course, as is the case on any dating platform, a significant percentage of women’s profiles are fake, created for scamming purposes.  So be careful and don’t give your personal info (like card number for example) to anybody.

    How to register on AsianBeautyDating

    AsianBeautyDating – photo 2

    As far as the complexity of the registration process goes, this site is pretty straightforward. It only takes a couple of minutes to sign up. A simple authentication by e-mail is required to stay clear of the pranksters and cons. The site caters straight men exclusively. A potential user enters basic personal information, including name, e-mail address, and sexual orientation. He creates a password to protect his account and make sure that no one except him can log in using his personal details.

    After you register, the site will redirect you to a section with several profiles of women with whom you can start a live chat or video call immediately. Even before you complete your profile, a sidebar appears on the right-hand side of your screen letting you know who’s available for live chat. The site offers automated messages as conversation starters, possibly as hooks to lure unsuspecting first-time users into paying more than they originally planned to.

    AsianBeautyDating discourages off-site communication and will delete any personal information from e-mails, forcing the users to go through proper channels at all times. All communication means are paid, but you can read messages from other users for free and send flirts in return.

    Other things you can benefit from as a paying member

    Things you can see from a person’s profile

    AsianBeautyDating – photo 3

    When men’s profiles are concerned, the user chooses the personal info he’s willing to share, and those become visible to female users. It is possible to modify the profile and upload additional photos at any time. It seems to bear no significance if the profile is completed or not. Even before a user adds a photo or writes any meaningful information about himself, he already gets lots of messages, probably originating from fake women’s profiles.

    Members can add a personalized message to their profile, something like a motto or a saying that particularly applies to them. Alternatively, they can write a few sentences about themselves, something that could attract attention from members of the opposite sex. To top it all off, they write a paragraph about the type of person they want to find. This can contain a description of a person’s physical appearance, personality features, worldviews, etc.

    In contrast to men’s profiles that are often short and only show a limited amount of personal data, women’s profiles are quite detailed. They can lack authenticity though since they sometimes contain model-like photos that do not belong to a woman using the site. Women often publish tons of photographs and videos for which a man must pay a fee to access. Each video costs a specified number of credits.

    Finding your way around AsianBeautyDating website

    AsianBeautyDating is pretty easy to navigate with all the functions displayed visibly so that a user doesn’t have to look for a specific feature for ages. No matter what section of the site you find yourself in, you can always buy credits, which appear as a sidebar on the left-hand side of your screen. As already mentioned there’s a right sidebar as well showing who’s currently available for live chat.

    AsianBeautyDating mobile app: for iOS users only

    Concerning design and simplicity of use, AsianBeautyDating mobile app is user-friendly and easy to use. In most respects, it’s very similar to its desktop version. The developers added a messaging feature at the bottom end of women’s profiles which comes in handy when a user wishes to contact someone quickly and efficiently. The phone application comes with a notifications option for incoming messages which appear in the app’s header section.  However, replying to the messages requires credits which are only available to paying members.

    Pricing information

    In contrast to other dating websites, there is no actual premium membership on AsianBeautyDating. Premium features become available to the user after he buys credits. Once the purchase is made, the user decides what he would like to spend them on. To raise their numbers of paying customers, the site offers buying credits in bulk (from 20 to 1000 credits). The cost of a single credit goes down the more you purchase at one time. So if you only get 20, you will pay 0.80USD for a credit. If you buy 160, the price is 0.60 USD per credit, and when buying 1000 credits, they will only cost you 0.40 USD each. It’s possible to pay using PayPal as well as by Credit Card. The site offers significant discounts for new members’ first purchases of credits. 20 credits, usually available for 15.99 USD, can be obtained for just $2.99.   

    In all honesty, AsianBeautyDating is quite an expensive dating site compared to similar services on the market. We’ll give you an example of how much things cost on this site. For a 10-minute phone conversation mediated by an interpreter, you would typically pay 100 credits, which amounts to 80 USD. A simple video chat with a woman AsianDate prompted you to contact through a sidebar ad costs 10 credits, which is an equivalent of $8.00.

    Buying virtual gifts will cost you 15 credits (or 10 dollars). Real-life gifts delivered to the woman of your choosing can be purchased for as little as 12 credits (a flower) or as much as 869 credits for medium price jewelry. The delivery will take 3-5 days. The sender always receives a notification that the order is delivered, and for gifts costing more than 200$, it’s accompanied by a photo of the woman holding the gift.

    If a member would like to ensure he never runs out of credits, he can choose the option to automatically restock his credit when it gets below a designated point. Only tick this option if you’re 100% sure you’d like to continue using this site since only refunds the monetary equivalent of 10 credits. Sending money anonymously is not permitted due to a risk of fraud which would be even more pronounced should this be allowed.  

    AsianBeautyDating: overall rating and general assessment

    AsianBeautyDating – photo 4

    We would give this site a 3.8/5 grade. The site was founded with a well-intended idea to connect American men with Asian women. The realization of the idea was less than perfect though. What the site lacks the most is thorough scrutiny of the girls’ profiles to minimize the possibility of fraud which is currently quite significant. There’s often no real person behind a profile created using fake information and stolen photographs. Before a man realizes this, he had already spent a huge amount of credits chatting with a non-existent lady. Only if you send an expensive gift will you be able to see the recipient’s face.

    On the plus side, there’s no monthly membership. It’s up to the member to decide how many credits he’d like to buy and how quickly he spends them. The prices on all communications with Asian women are quoted explicitly so that you can decide if a particular service is worth the money it’s charged or not.

    In case you no longer wish to use your AsianBeautyDating account, you can remove it from the site’s database by contacting customer support by e-mail. Just follow the simple instructions the site’s moderators will tell you and your profile will be deleted permanently.

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